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Integrated Rural Development


Swami Vivekananda said that in India our first and foremost task is the spread of Education and spirituality among the lower sections of our society.

Unless such people have the means for adequate food and health, it is difficult for them to know the greater value of our spiritual heritage.


The goal of the Integrated Rurual Development Programmes of the Ramakrishna Mission is on making the lower and helpless sections of the society economically self-sufficient as well as strong in spiritual character and personality.

Putting in our efforts however insignificant it might be, to eliminate poverty, disease and ignorance in our country, we are blessed with an opportunity to do madhava seva.

Atmano Mokshartham
Jagat Hithaya ca!

Trust not the so-called rich, they are more dead than alive. The hope lies in you - in the meek, the lowly, but the faithful. Have faith in the Lord... Vow, then to devote your whole lives to the cause of redemption of these three hundred millions, going down and down every day.
Swami Vivekananda
CW V 16-17

Value & Health Education For Rural Areas (VAHERA)

All the essential human values that make our young people morally strong and bold enough to face the challenges in the society have been badly neglected in our contemporary educational system. The spread of so called education in the rural and tribal areas has created new problems for the youth in rural areas also. This modern education while not equipping the rural youth adequately for the limited job opportunities in urban set up, has created a mentality in which, our rural youth feel it below their dignity to join in the traditional rural occupations. This is indirectly helping the anti social elements to enlist this category of youth for their own nefarious activities.

It is in this scenario that Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa started a value education programme in which a team of trained personnel and a monk as the guiding force are going from village to village conducting personality development workshops and value education programmes.

This programme is being concurrently run and is being transformed into the VIDYA programme

Agricultural Education & Farming

Farmers, more specifically, young farmers need to be exposed to modern agricultural technologies and crop management expertise.

Community farming in semi-arid tropics is the key to economic survival. Value oriented community activities yield better results than what has been done otherwise elsewhere.

Young Rayalaseema farmers will be trained by the Mission centre in agricultural technologies in a Farm house of one of the long standing devotee of the Kadapa centre.

Graduating every 6 months, these batches of 20 students will have made significant impact on their return to their places of occupation.

The selected rural youth farmers will be trained in Horticulture, Water Resource management, Rural economy, Bee Keeping, Mushroom Cultivation, Pump Repair etc.

A 100-acre Horticulture Farm of a dedicated devotee family, located about 25 Km from the Campus is available for conducting practical training in the above fields of activities.

Admission Policy

Male applicants aged between 17 and 25 years with a strong desire to learn agricultural methodologies are most welcome. While the programme is not totally residential, the students will be expected to spend a significant part of the working hours in classes or in field work.

Volunteers Needed

Devotee Volunteers with a agricultural education background and deep commitment inspired by Swami Vivekananda, are needed to help in the conduct of the various Integrated Rural Development Programmes. Where there is a fit, we would like to work with you in these initiatives.

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