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Ask your Questions

Devotees and those interested in messages of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sharada Devi, Swami Vivekananda as well as Vedanta are most welcome to ask questions and obtain answers or clarifications. Senior Monks of Ramakrishna Order based in Kadapa will answer it. Questions will edited for clarity as well as relevance. Contact us with your questions.

The Holy Trio Answer

Most if not all Sadhakas and devotees find interesting answers to most of their contemporary problems in the messages of the Holy Trio. In these columns, every month, we shall endeavour to include relevant conversations from the lives of the Holy Trio - stories of Eternals values with contemporary relevance.
Atmano Mokshartham
Jagat Hithaya ca!

How to attain purity living this life? Shall we all go to the forest caves? .... If the mind is not under control, it is no use living in a cave because the same mind will bring disturbances there..... It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us.
Swami Vivekananda
CW I 440-41

From the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

A VAISHNAVA DEVOTEE: "Sir, why should one think of God at all?"

MASTER: "If a man really has that knowledge* then he is indeed liberated though living in a body. "Not all, by any means, believe in God. They simply talk. The worldly-minded have heard from someone that God exists and that everything happens by His will; but it is not their inner belief. "Do you know what a worldly man's idea of God is like? It is like the children's swearing by God when they quarrel. They have heard the word while listening to their elderly aunts quarrelling.

"Is it possible for all to comprehend God? God has created the good and the bad, the devoted and the impious, the faithful and the sceptical. The wonders that we see all exist in His creation. In one place there is more manifestation of His Power, in another less. The sun's light is better reflected by water than by earth, and still better by a mirror. Again, there are different levels among the devotees of God: superior, mediocre, and inferior. All this has been described in the Gita."

"The inferior devotee says, 'God exists, but He is very far off, up there in heaven.' The mediocre devotee says, 'God exists in all beings as life and consciousness.' The superior devotee says: 'It is God Himself who has become everything; whatever I see is only a form of God. It is He alone who has become maya, the universe, and all living beings. Nothing exists but God.'"

Swami Vivekananda Says

We are always making this mistake in judging others; we are always inclined to think that our little mental universe is all that is; our ethics, our morality, our sense of duty, our sense of utility, are the only things that are worth having. The other day when I was going to Europe, I was passing through Marseilles, where a bull-fight was being held. All the Englishmen in the steamer were mad with excitement, abusing and criticising the whole thing. as cruel. When I reached England, I heard of a party of prize-fighters who had been to Paris, and were kicked out unceremoniously by the French, who thought prize-fighting very brutal.

When I hear these things in various countries, I begin to understand the marvellous saying of Christ: "Judge not that ye be not judged." The more we learn, the more he find out how ignorant we are, how multiform and multi-sided is this mind of man. When I was a boy, I used to criticise the ascetic practices of my countrymen; great preachers in our own land have criticised them; the greatest man that was ever born, Buddha himself, criticised them. But all the same, as I am growing older, I feel that I have no right to judge. Sometimes I wish that, in spite of all their incongruities, I had one fragment of their power to do and suffer. Often I think that my judgment and my criticism do not proceed from any dislike of torture, but from sheer cowardice — because I cannot do it — I dare not do it.

Hints on Practical Spirituality, Volume II, CW

Your Question

Q: What is expected of those wanting to volunteer their services and time to the Ramakrishna Math & Mission centre, Kadapa.?

A: They are necessarily the sincere and silent devotees of the Holy Trio. They spend their time, energy and resources in the spirit of seva and thyaga partaking in the responsibilities of various units of the Centre under the guidance of the Swamijis.

Our Answers

Q: What are the ideals of a Volunteer?

A: First is a sincere dedication to ideal of service to the society as espoused by Swami Vivekananda. It is the karma yoga sadhana. Next is the alignment with the group activities and the organisation's goals.

Let us not work at cross-purposes. That is a lot of discipline.

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