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Swami Vivekananda sought to serve the Shiva in all jivas - more so the sick and the downtrodden. When to came to exemplary care, Sri Sharada Devi, was an icon of motherhood.

Through this kendra and with many medical programmes, the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Kadapa, seeks to serve the Lord amongst poor and deserving around us.

You are most welcome to participate in these programmes.

Medical Needs of the Rural Poor

Much of suburban areas of Kadapa as well as its rural neighbours suffer from several chronic disorders peculiar to the Rayalaseema region. These include heat stroke related problems in the long dry and hot summer, viral epidemics during rainy season and winter. Most importantly, the rural poor need to be educated about healthy habits and hygiene - both at the personal level as well as in the community.

The Kendra seeks to actively transform and impact the rural poor in these matters.

Atmano Mokshartham
Jagat Hithaya ca!

I am the mother of the wicked, as I am the mother of the virtuous. Whenever you are in distress, just say to yourself 'I have a mother'.
Sri Sharada Devi

New Campus Plans

We are planning to construct a fully equipped out-patient Medical Health Centre for the poor as part of our New Campus plans. Apart from Homeopathy & Ayurveda, Allopathic Consultations, Treatment and Medicines will also be given. We also intend to expand and bring in Yoga and Naturopathy Therapies for chronic patients.

The Kendra will consists of Patient Reception Hall, Registration Desk, Doctor Consultation Chambers, Pharmacy, Dressing Unit, Patient Counselling Chambers as well as a Yoga Studio. In addition, we intend having an ambulance cum rural health educational van that can reach out to the rural villages untouched either by the government or other NGOs.

This Kendra in the new campus will be operational in mid 2009, every day of the week. The old centre in Kadapa Town will continue to have the weekly Free Homeopathy Clinic. This Kendra will complement the rural medical services offered by RIMS nearby.

A weekly Free Homeopathy Clinic is being run in the Math and Mission premises. Several patients stand benefited from it. Volunteer paramedics and doctors have been doing a noble service for the poor for the past several years.

Sponsors Welcome

All the medical relief activities for the rural poor have been sponsored by the munificience of a variety of Donors to meet the recurring expenses. We express our heartfelt gratitude to them for extending the support to these programmes.

You are most welcome to sponsor the programme and the medicines.

Volunteers Needed

Devotee volunteers having an interest in serving the sick amongst the poor on a weekly basis are most welcome to get in touch with us. Most importantly we need Devotee Volunteer General Physician Doctors.

We also need volunteers for patient management, medicine collection and distribution.

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