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The Ramakrishna Math

The Ramakrishna Math, Kadapa, focuses on facilitating devotees and visitors in their inner spiritual journey of becoming better human beings - silent and deep - with its stress on Atmano Mokshartham - the first part of the Ramakrishna Movement motto.

The Math Devasthanam (Shrine) is open for Meditation and prayers to all irrespective of their background and religious affiliations. It is open daily between 4.30 AM and 12 Noon as well as between 4.00 PM and 8.15 PM. Daily pooja starts at 9 AM. The daily evening Arati - Bhajan (with Prasad) is between 7.00 PM and 7.30 PM. On Sundays, the evening Arati is between 7.00 PM and 7.45 PM. On Ekadashis (every fortnight), evening Arati with Ramanam Sankirtan is between 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM. On the Festivals & Jayanthi occasions there are special Pooja & Bhajans.

You are welcome to participate in these programmes. Read more >>>

The Ramakrishna Mission

The Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa, focuses on serving the deserving and poor Narayanas in and around Kadapa (Rayalaseema region) - in a steadfast and unassuming way.. with stress on Jagat Hitaya Ca the second part of the Ramakrishna Movement motto.

The Kadapa centre was started in 1910 and has been serving the people in various ways through the decades. It was affiliated as a branch centre in 2004. It was visited by Swami Shivananda (a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna), and other eminent monks of the Ramakrishna Order.
Atmano Mokshartham
Jagat Hithaya ca!

The twofold ideals of the Ramakrishna Movement motto is
for one's salvation
for the welfare of the world

Swami Vivekananda

Satsangh Programmes

Weekly discourses are held every saturday and sunday. Though mostly in Telugu for the benefit of the local population, sometimes it is also held in English. The focus is typically on Spiritual Self Development - more in light of the spiritual experiences of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sharada Devi as well as Swami Vivekananda. Most of these talks are delivered by the Monks of the Ramakrishna Order. Sometimes eminent scholars are also invited.

Monks of the Ramakrishna Order deliver discourses in Telugu and English in the nearby institutions (educational and otherwise) on invitation, in the Kadapa Town as well as its suburbs.

You are most welcome to participate in these discourses and benefit from the wisdom shared. Ofcourse you can also be active as a volunteer or as an organizer of these programmes.

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You are also are welcome to use our Library for spiritual & cultural books in Telugu and English languages. A Free Reading room provides Daily newspapers, Periodicals focused on higher values apart from free reading library books. A Sales section caters for those interested in purchasing the publications of Ramakrishna Movement - spiritual books, audio tapes & CDs as well as video CDs, posters etc

New Campus Developments

Several projects are being pursued by the Ramakrishna Mission. Given the shortage of adequate resources in the current centre, a new Mission campus is being constructed. Projects include the development of a primary health centre, a primary school and hostel, a Human Resources Development Institute and Rural Agricultural Education for poor young farmers around Kadapa. Read more >>>

This is the site plan: Bottom to top, on the left are: Office, Health Centre, Primary School; in the middle is the Universal Temple and Sabhangana (Hall); on the right are the HRD Institute, hostels and Monk Quarters.
You can contribute to make this happen!

Volunteers Needed

The Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa is undertaking several projects that will serve the devotees and the rural poor in and around Kadapa as well as Rayalaseema region. These are done within the limitations of its resources.

You are most welcome to participate in each of these programmes as a volunteer or donor or sponsor.

Inauguration - Dec 2007

Rev Swami Harshanandaji will be inaugurating the Vivekananda Mandapam and Sabhaganam on Dec 2nd. Read more>>

Historical Visit
New Mission Campus Shrine &
Swami Shivananda Sadhunivasam
14th - 16th March 2007
By Rev. Swami Athmasthanandaji Maharaj

Read & See a collection of Photos of the event..
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